News You Can Use April 2017

Schedule your No Cost Annual Wellness Exam Today

Did you know that with your medical coverage you are allowed a wellness exam each year at no out-of-pocket cost to you?  While there aren’t very many people who enjoy visiting the doctor’s office, getting an annual wellness exam is an important step in maintaining your health and identifying any health issues that you may not be aware of.   Some people only visit the doctor for a diagnosis on a health condition they’re experiencing at the time, such as a cold, flu, an ache or pain.  While you should be seen for any medical condition that is of concern to you, it’s also important that you visit your doctor annually as a preventive measure.

Getting your annual wellness exam is one way you can do that.  It’s also a great opportunity for you to discuss any health related changes you’ve recently experienced and to work with your doctor to develop a preventive plan for any potential health risks.

During your visit, you should expect to receive a physical examination, a conversation with your doctor about your family history and any recent symptoms or red flags related to your health.  Your visit will also include screenings for various conditions as well as more general tests such as your body mass index (BMI).


To make the most of the time allowed for your wellness visit, be prepared by writing down important information about your family and medical history, a list of medications you’re currently taking and any concerns you have about your health including any new symptoms you’re experiencing.

Together, let’s start down the road of maintaining our health by scheduling our wellness visit today.

Introducing a New Employee Discount Program!

The company is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Tickets at Work to offer employee discounts on various items and services for you and your family.  The program offers valuable discounts on items such as travel, restaurants, theme parks, movie tickets and rental cars, just to name a few.  Attached is information on this great new benefit including registration instructions so that you can begin taking advantage of these wonderful discounts today.

To register for access simply log onto, click on Become a Member and complete the applicable fields.  Enter VPS1 in the Company Code field.  We hope you enjoy the great discounts offered by Tickets at Work! (Complete sign-up instructions available here.)

Workplace Safety Tip of the Month – Take A Break to Stay Alert

Workplace safety is very important.  Work-related injuries and illnesses often occur because a worker is tired, burned out and not alert to their surroundings.  If you take a regular break or two throughout the day, you are more likely to stay fresh and alert while at work.  A great tip for staying alert is to schedule the most difficult tasks when your concentration is at its best, like first thing in the morning.  Whenever you’re feeling tired – let your supervisor know that you’re in need of a break.  Vesta and FCS care about the safety of all employees – Let’s work together to maintain a safe working environment.

April Better You Pursuit Newsletter

Attached you will find Florida Blue’s wellness newsletter for the month of April.  This month’s newsletter features articles on the importance of physically moving throughout the day, tips on “unplugging” from your electronics to get the much needed rest you need and a great healthy recipe for Spinach-Almond Pesto.  Enjoy this month’s newsletter!

No Direct Deposit?  Why Not Try the Skylight Pay Card for your Payroll Funds

If you are not currently enrolled in direct deposit and receiving a paper check each pay day, you now have a better option available to you– the Skylight card.  With the Skylight card, your paycheck is loaded onto a pre-paid debit card each pay day.  The card is a great alternative to paper checks and eliminates the need for you to stand in long lines at the bank, pay excessive check cashing fees or wait to receive your pay check.  In addition, you can use the card for online bill payments and wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted.  Attached is information on the Skylight card including instructions on how to sign up.   Please reach out to Payroll at [email protected] with any questions.

Questions or feedback?  Please reach out to Human Resources at [email protected].


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