News You Can Use May 2017

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is Here To Help You Deal with Personal Matters

In today’s society, balancing work and family while dealing with every day personal issues is a challenge for many of us.  The stress that comes along with trying to manage marital, family, financial or emotional issues can be overbearing.  Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one and you are going through the grieving process.  Maybe you’ve been recently faced with the need to provide care for an aging parent.  Even the day to day demands that come along with parenting – whether it’s a newborn or a teenager can also be stressful at times.

The company cares about you and your well-being which is why it provides a valuable benefit that can help you manage these types of issues.  The best news is that the benefit is at no cost to you.  The company-paid Employee Assistance (EAP) program, WorkLife Matters, provides you with solutions to help you and your family including:

  • Confidential Counseling Services – both you and your family members have access to confidential counseling services at any time by licensed professional counselors.  You can obtain an unlimited number of counseling sessions by phone or up to 3 counseling sessions in person.
  • Tools and Education – you have access to web based tools and education material on a wide variety of topics such as stress management, dependent/elder care, nutrition and fitness and more.
  • Financial Services – you can receive telephonic consultations with seasoned financial professionals and certified public accounts along with 30 days of financial coaching.  Assistance is provided in the areas of credit counseling, debit and budget assistance, basic tax planning and retirement and college planning questions
  • Legal Services – you can receive an initial 30 minute office or telephone consultation with an attorney AND if you retain the attorney to provide legal services, you will receive a 25% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate on legal fees.  Virtually all types of legal matters are eligible for this service including civil/consumer matters, estate planning, immigration, family legal issues, real estate and more.  The legal services benefit also provides assistance with simple and inexpensive legal documentation preparation.

To begin taking advantage of this wonderful benefit, review the attached information and contact WorkLife Matters at 800-386-7055 or log onto the website at  Once on the site, enter User Name:  Matters and Password:  wlm70101. 


Medical Coverage 101 – Understanding Your Medical Coverage

How well do you understand your medical coverage?  Do you know what a deductible is?  How about the difference between a co-payment and co-insurance?  Florida Blue has developed a solution to answer many of your questions regarding your medical coverage through their Digital Enrollment Kit.  The Digital Enrollment Kit is a series of videos that provides information on understanding your medical plan and how it works.  It also provides money saving tips on managing your plan and helpful resources to help you get the most out of your Florida Blue coverage.  Click on the link to the video below for your company and get to know your medical coverage.

Florida Blue Education Videos – Vesta Property Services

Florida Blue Education Videos – FCS

Would you prefer mobile access to the enrollment kit?  If so, you can access the tool via your mobile device by using the Text to Mobile feature.  Simply create a new text message on your smartphone and Type 258311 in the “To” or “Recipients” field.  Next type BLUE 8338 in the “Message” field and press send (be sure to leave a space between the word BLUE and the number).  You will then receive a text message reply with a link that you can click on to open your digital enrollment kit.


Florida Blue’s Health Dialogue Program is Your Personal Health Assistant

As a part of your medical coverage offered through Florida Blue, you have access to personalized health services offered through the Health Dialogue Program.  The Health Dialogue Program provide services such as:

  • Health care professionals and nurses to answer your questions and provide guidance and support regarding your healthcare needs
  • Assistance with developing a personalized health care action plan for you as well as providing educational materials and identifying community resources
  • Coordinating care with multiple doctors can be time consuming.  A representative from the Health Dialogue Program can assist you with coordinating those appointments for you.
  • Urgent health care questions can be answered 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by contacting a dedicated nurse line.
  • A program focused on prenatal education and resources offered through thee Healthy Additions program.

These services are offered to employees enrolled in the Florida Blue medical coverage at no cost.  Be sure to review the attached information on the program for more information.



Workplace Safety Tip of the Month – Heat Stress

As we embark upon the summer months and hotter temperatures, we’d like to share tips on managing heat stress.  Many of the jobs within the company require outdoor exposure to hot temperatures.  Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress.  Symptoms of heat stress include heat exhaustion, heat cramps or heat rashes.  Heat can also increase the risk of injuries in workers as the result of sweaty palms, fogged-up safety glasses and dizziness.  What can you do to avoid heat stress?

  • Stay well hydrated – drink fluids often and throughout the day.
  • Wear less layers of clothing – be attentive to the material type and amount of clothing layers that you wear during the summer months
  • Check in with your team members – be alert to the condition of your team members and ask how they feel periodically
  • Rest and cool down – during peak high temperature times, sit somewhere cool and rest

Play it safe this summer and stay cool!



May Better You Pursuit Newsletter

Attached you will find Florida Blue’s wellness newsletter for the month of May.  This month’s newsletter provides tips for how to have summer fun while avoiding too much sun exposure, tips on improving your sleep habits and a great healthy recipe for Grilled Avocado Stuffed with Corn and Black Bean Salsa.  Yummy!


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