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There’s nothing like jumping into the crystal clear water of a refreshing pool on a hot, humid Florida summer day. Having your own pool can be a wonderful addition to your home and lifestyle.

Did you know…

The hot, sunny days of Florida summertime will evaporate your pool water. The strong winds and heavy rains of summer will add debris to your filters and dilute your pool chemicals. Water levels directly affect your pool equipment and the quality of the water.

If the water level is too low it can cause the pool pump to draw air into the system which can in turn burn the pump out or cause other damage to the circulation system.

If the water level is too high the skimmers may not be able to skim the surface of the water, allowing extra debris to sink to the bottom of the pool and make it dirty.

PMSI can help solve these problems. Our pool maintenance division is committed to providing sparkling, bright pool water for your enjoyment. Our hard working team has the knowledge to diagnose your pool issues and keep your pool on track throughout the year. Our team members are prompt, courteous and professional.

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