About Vesta

Redefining Property Management


For the last 25 years, Vesta has redefined property management with superior amenities programming, customized management in every community, and affordable, direct financing for communities. Initially formed through the merger of several smaller complimentary management companies, our intention is to provide a single place where all community needs are met.
Vesta is unique in our industry because we offer a comprehensive, team approach to serving our clients. We bring together under one, corporate umbrella multiple:


  • Divisions (such as Community Management, Amenity Management, and Financial Services)
  • Disciplines (such as Media, Technology, and Financing); and specialists (such as Community Association Managers, Amenity Managers, Lifestyle Directors, and Aquatics Directors)
  • We tap into a wide array of expertise throughout our organization, bring an unwavering commitment to serve and exceed expectations, all fueled by a passion for enhancing the lifestyle and property values of our clientele.
  • Among our executives are a wide range of qualified professionals, each with specific skills to provide the management and expertise needed in every area of community management.

Request for Proposal


Vesta’s leadership team comprises top-level executives successful in all areas of real estate/community development. Our combined experience includes master-planning, financing, design, development, construction, management, brokerage, financial reporting, and consulting services for planned-communities as well as government and institutional entities.


We employ over 900 professionals, strategically positioned in all of our welcoming communities to provide a wide spectrum of services to more than 150,000 residents and unit owners. Your property will be managed from a local office, with local staff who understand your community’s unique needs.


We are committed to providing an outstanding work environment for all our employees and subsidiaries. If you are the principal owner of a management services company, you and your company can benefit substantially by working with Vesta and taking part in our continued growth.

Our Team

What separates Vesta as a management company is the quality and depth of our management team. We annually retain over 96% of our management contracts due to the outstanding results our managers achieve for our client-communities. The collective talent, experience, and expertise of Vesta’s management team is unequaled in our industry.


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